Sunday, January 4, 2009

January Knitting

January is great for warming up by the fire and knitting while it's cold and dreary outside. One of my New Year's goals is to learn to knit in the "continental" style, which for some is much faster than the "English" method. The continental style consists of holding the working yarn in one's left hand and allowing it to be "picked up" by the right hand needle. I have heard that continental stitchers are called "pickers". I learned and have always knit using the English method where the working yarn is held in the right hand and "thrown" or looped around the right hand needle. More time-consuming because of all the hand/arm movement. Well, I decided a few nights ago while doing a "row" on the Hemlock Ring Blanket (circular round of about 500 stitches - near the end), that this was the perfect time to make myself learn this technique. Repetition of 500 stitches in one round should either spell success or failure! Well, with the help of You tube videos and LOTS of practice, I think I have it! I'm not ready for the speed knitting competition yet, but I can do it at least as fast as I was in the English method. This is very exciting to me, in hopes that I can make more projects in 2009 than in 2008. Click here to watch the video on the speed knitter!" The Hemlock Ring Blanket is within 15 rounds of being completed! It is a growing GIGANTIC mushroom! My first goal for the month is to finish this project. Then at some point I want to get back into the Koigu Jacket that has been sitting for quite awhile. The colors in it are really beautiful and I just need to pick it back up! What you see here is the right front of the jacket. I am modifying it to make it smaller than the one pictured in the link.

I have some other projects planned when time allows: I'd like to make another 3-button wrap in a heavier yarn like Twinkle Chunky.

I'd like to make another Baby Surprise Jacket in white or ecru.

I'd like to make the Block Blankie (scroll down the page) by Corrina Ferguson in Muensch Big Baby Multi.

Sometime soon I also need to get started on a bedskirt for my blue guest bedroom. Fabric is in hand. I just need a long weekend to take the plunge.

Philip picked this beautiful camellia this morning, High Fragrance. It has a very sweet fragrance - reminds me of a lily. Enjoy!!


Lillian Thomas said...

Hey Aunt Pixie! Congrats on learning the new continental style. I had mom try to teach me this past weekend, and I just could not get it--AT ALL! I guess I'll stick to my smocking projects for now! I also just pulled out the baby blanket you knitted while I was pregnant with James.(which I love, love, love). I can't wait to use it again!!! Hope you're having a great New Years!

Darlene said...

The only thing I noticed when I switch from Continental to English and back again is that there is a difference in my tension with each style. Which means that if I do it in the middle of something (like the socks I was knitting, you can see where I changed over and it changes the size. Probably not noticeable on what you're knitting, but it sure was on my socks.

Jill said...

Congrats on learning it! You've inspired me. That is also one of my goals and now you've made it sound so simple that I just need to get trying! Maybe after this weekend when I finish the baby blanket!