Thursday, October 28, 2010


I am very excited to be finishing a few projects! It is nice to feel a sense of accomplishment, but I think even more exciting to anticipate beginning new projects!

Just finished:  Citron - pattern by Hillary Callis Smith.

Ashley was kind enough to use her photography skills to provide me with these flattering photos! The yarn used for this project was "Steele" by Creatively Dyed Yarns. Colorway: Vallejo.

I am thoughtfully considering the possible options of how to use this in the wardrobe. I haven't quite solved that dilemna. Any thoughts?

We also had fun last weekend with Ashley, David, Annette and Lee visiting. Here are the "babies" playing on Grandma's porch . . . They are dressed to cheer on the Gamecocks vs Vanderbilt later in the day.

I have several thoughts about a new project. I am looking forward to trying something by designer Jane Slicer-Smith. In Swing, Swagger, and Drape there are some challenging and lengthy projects. I am going to start with one that looks the least intimidating in size and required skills: Boxes Drape. (Check the link for great photographs of all the projects in the book!)  Now, I would prefer to wear this free-flowing and drapey, but as you can see from the photo, there are options for styling!

Will share photos of yarn (purchased at Stitches South) and cast on as soon as that is done . . . excitement, can't wait!

Sunday, October 3, 2010



I truly can't believe it has been an entire year since we welcomed Annette and Lee into our lives. This year has been a great journey for those two precious babies and all their family and friends. When I remember their first days in the NICU and then their first days at home and think about how much they have grown and learned it brings tears to my eyes. They started this earthly journey a little early, but they have grown in so many ways and given more love than I can imagine.

Annette and Lee are both very mobile now. They crawl all over the house and laugh when you "chase them down the hall"! They have been pulling up on the furniture for a while and are enjoying their toys, especially the ones with music. They both try to dance by bouncing up and down. Annette likes to move her head back and forth in time to the music. I'm sure she'll make an appearance soon on "Dancing with the Stars". She like to clap her hands and play pat-a-cake. Lee hasn't quite gotten the hand movements down, but he loves playing and singing, too. They both laugh out loud when they're held upside down for a few seconds.

Formula is going away soon and so far they seem to like milk. They have loved their bottles, but they are adjusting to using sippy cups. I think it will be an easy transition. They both are good eaters and feed themselves table food. They like just about everything, but especially cheese, yogurt, pancakes, cut up fruit, peas, etc.

They are still taking two naps and sleep well at night. Teething has given a little interference, but they are very sweet babies and really fun to be around. They are both beginning to babble some syllables, but I don't think any real words yet. Lee really likes to squeal if he is happy and excited!

Here are some pictures from their birthday party!

"Got cake???"  This is one of my all time favorite pictures. He is so intent and just doesn't know what to think about all the fuss and excitement. I  laugh every time I see it!

Ashley found some really cute party decorations. Of course there was one of everything for Annette and for Lee!

Adorable hats!!

Annette enjoying her cake!!

Lee feeling more comfortable, beginning to have some fun!


I have been working feverishly to finish Annette's Autumn bubble to go with Lee's Fall Tractor outfit (see previous post). Finally, it is done!

The unsmocked garment was purchased at Rosalina's in Summerville, S.C. Then I have smocked a rendition of  "Leave it to Us" by Little Memories Smocking Designs. I modified the template by leaving off a few acorns and the smocked borders due to less space to smock on this 12mo size bubble. I could not be more pleased with the rich fall colors.

Now that sewing is done, I can return to finish a few knitting projects that sorely need to be completed. Can't wait!