Friday, March 2, 2012

Camellia Time 2012

As promised a few days ago, I'm going to share some recent photos of beautiful camellias that Philip has devoted much time to over the last few years. They do get better and better each year as the plants grow and mature. This unusually mild winter has certainly been good for them.

First, I want to share a few pictures from a little learning adventure we had a few weeks ago. We visited the greenhouses of Mr. Randolph Maphis in Talahassee, Florida. He is one of the premier camellia growers in the country and we were totally in awe of his beautiful plants and flowers.

I don't know if you can tell from the photos, but some of these flowers are as large as dinner plates. Of course, all their growing conditions are carefully controlled in the greenhouse. The results are amazing!!

Ours are not nearly so impressive, but here is what we have enjoyed in our yard this winter/spring.


Red Velvet Variegated


Frank Houser

Rena Swick

Royal Velvet

Carter's Sunburst

R.L. Wheeler Variegated
Hilda Jamieson


Nuccio's Gem

Kick Off

New grafts are in progress. New plants Philip propagated this year include Jubilation, Elaine's Betty, Ruta Hagmann, Showtime, Valentine's Day Var.

It was fun to share these beautiful flowers. My next blog project will be to update my sewing/knitting projects.
Stay tuned and hopefully I can stay motivated!!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Winter Slips Away

It is really hard to believe I haven't posted on the blog for almost a year!! I really miss it and feel determined to get back in the groove!
Needless to say, quite a few important events have come and gone in my life during this time...we'll have a quick rundown to catch up!

Momma celebrated her 80th birthday in August with a family dinner at the Callawassie river Club!

Annette and Lee celebrated their SECOND Birthday in September with a Cat in the
Hat party and lots of excitement!

November brought a "surprise" 60th Birthday Party for Philip!

Thanksgiving memories were made at Baybottom again in 2011 with turkey and all the trimmings followed by he annual hayride!

We enjoyed having all our family together for the Christmas holidays as we celebrated the birth of the Christchild. We will probably never forget trekking down Hwy 17 to Mass in Hardeeville after finding no priest for Mass in Ridgeland. Also, going through a "license check" en route to that Mass in Hardeeville!!

2012 has arrived and we have much excitement on the horizon! Philip,Jr. and his girlfriend Amanda became engaged!!!! We are anticipating their wedding in spring 2013 and are immensely happy for them! We travelled to Snowshoe, WVa a few weeks ago with them and Amanda's parents.  Very cold and lots of snow .....a great time was had by all!!

In a few weeks we'll travel to Columbia for the wedding of our nephew Rush and his fiancée Jessica! We are wishing them a beautiful wedding weekend and much happiness.
When I look back on all these events, I guess it helps me understand why I haven't had time to blog!

Next up:  Update of Camellias and Knitting Projects