Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Celebration

Thanksgiving dinners take eighteen hours to prepare. They are consumed in twelve minutes. Half-times take twelve minutes. This is not coincidence. ~Erma Bombeck
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration at the family farm in Grays. The Thomas family gathered for the traditional feast with many thanks for all our blessings.
Sarah and Michael having fun before lunch.
James says, "Touchdown!!!"
Here comes the turkey!! Uncle Bob fried the bird. Sensational as always!
This year, after the feast, Philip took as on a hay ride through the forest to see some wild animals. The adults enjoyed this as much as the kids. Here we are getting ready for the fun.

I didn't get a great shot, but I think that's a turkey in that clearing ....and there's a bobcat!!!

We also caught a glimpse of a deer, an otter, and some ducks in the pond.

Elizabeth is content after all the food and fun!

After cleaning up at Grays, we went to the Nimmer Family gathering at Bailey's. My sister Cathy and husband Phil had been entertaining my family. We joined them late in the afternoon to visit and eat some yummy leftovers.

Phil and Cathy in the kitchen.

Gerritt, Reeves, and Tony after "Round 2".

We are excited to see our camellia bushes with many blooms. A few are beginning to show color...and even a first bloom!!! Philip has worked really hard to fertilize, water, and prevent (or treat) "scale" .

Our first camellia pick of the season: Debutante.

Well, indeed I have many blessings to be thankful for. As we count our blessings during this holiday season, let us share the peace, joy , and love of Christ with others.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tailgaiting at The Swamp

Well, as football goes, we definitely entered enemy territory on Saturday, Nov. 15 when the USC Gamecocks travelled to Gainsville to take on the Florida Gators. The game results were less than desirable, but the tailgating was fun as usual. Here are some pics of fun with our family and friends in Gator Territory!!
Jean and Ann....
BarbaraJean and Pix
Tommy and Ann Mike consulting with George, Henry, and Philip on pre-game strategy.
The long drive gave me a little knitting time. Got to start the Feather and Fan Stole
on the way down and made friends with the Jil Eaton "MinnowMerino" yarn. It is so soft, but it likes to split. I think we have made a truce and things are going smoothly now.
Safely back home and time to get ready for the week.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Football and Barbecue

One of our favorite fall activities is watching college football. We had a great time tailgating at 'The Shed" in Columbia this past weekend for the South Carolina vs Arkansas game. Everyone arrived early for the 1 p.m. game to enjoy Philip's ribs. As you can see it takes much concentration and precision to get it right! Philip is basting the ribs as Uncle Mike looks on.

The crowd was well pleased!! The ribs were tender and juicy - a great prelude to a great game - Carolina topped Arkansas!! Thanks to all the other cooks, too for the awesome tailgate- potato salad, slaw, deviled eggs, brownies, shrimp kabobs, Mexican dip..... I can't remember it all, but it was surely enjoyed!!!

The car ride allowed some good knitting time. I'm about half-way through the Hemlock Rink Blanket. We'll be taking the road trip to Florida this weekend. Gamecocks will face a big challenge in Gatorland. Looking forward to going down to Jacksonville on Friday!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Baby (or Bear) Cocoon

I was excited today to finish the little cocoon that is hands down the fastest project I have ever done. Ashley was anxious to get her hands on it, so that she can use it for photography. I needed a model, so baby bear had to do! It is really simple, just a large sock with a collar of sorts. But is surely is nice to have something finished so quickly! I love the Araucania Aysen. So, it's back to the Hemlock Ring Blanket (and other works in progress)!!! .