Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tailgaiting at The Swamp

Well, as football goes, we definitely entered enemy territory on Saturday, Nov. 15 when the USC Gamecocks travelled to Gainsville to take on the Florida Gators. The game results were less than desirable, but the tailgating was fun as usual. Here are some pics of fun with our family and friends in Gator Territory!!
Jean and Ann....
BarbaraJean and Pix
Tommy and Ann Mike consulting with George, Henry, and Philip on pre-game strategy.
The long drive gave me a little knitting time. Got to start the Feather and Fan Stole
on the way down and made friends with the Jil Eaton "MinnowMerino" yarn. It is so soft, but it likes to split. I think we have made a truce and things are going smoothly now.
Safely back home and time to get ready for the week.


ashley seawell said...

Where is the quotation? I thought that was your signature!

Jill said...

Sorry you had to travel down there...I'd rather have a root canal than go to another game in gainesville! No food pictures?