Sunday, November 2, 2008

Baby (or Bear) Cocoon

I was excited today to finish the little cocoon that is hands down the fastest project I have ever done. Ashley was anxious to get her hands on it, so that she can use it for photography. I needed a model, so baby bear had to do! It is really simple, just a large sock with a collar of sorts. But is surely is nice to have something finished so quickly! I love the Araucania Aysen. So, it's back to the Hemlock Ring Blanket (and other works in progress)!!! .


Jill said...

That's adorable!

Katherine said...

Pix, I saw the cocoon at Ash's...I absolutely loved it! I hear there is an order for a pink and blue one. You should make them for baby gifts. Have a safe trip coming up here this weekend. Go cocks!