Sunday, January 25, 2009

Block Blankie

The weekend has gone by quickly, as most do! Sister Cathy was kind enough to help me run some errands yesterday, as I'm still sporting the Herman Munster boot. No driving yet. We are all trying to get ready for the big event in February. Only two more weeks until wedding time for Dow and Melissa. I need to add a few items to the baby gift collection, so I tried Block Blankie by Corrina Ferguson. I used the Muench Big Baby on size 13 needles. Colorway 5503 which is bluish-green/yellow. The yarn is really thick and soft. This pattern works up very quickly -and is a great size for a baby carrier or stroller blanket. I've also started on the Christmas stocking and slowly trying to learn the technique of intarsia. I think I'm getting the hang of it, but it's difficult to ignore the chaos of the different colors hanging at the back of the work. I'll try to post a picture tomorrow. I've also been intrigued reading all the news about the Bohus Exhibit currently at the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis, Minnesota. An interesting history of this knitting style can be found on this blog. Here's a small sample of bohus collars. I would love to take a class on this technique.


ashley seawell said...

Are you knitting a stocking for maddy? Can't wait to see you this weekend!

Jill said...

Your block blankie looks great! I just delivered Danielle hers yesterday. I hope to have pics up soon.