Sunday, January 18, 2009


I'm coming to the end of my "time-out" from this broken leg. If all goes well, I will return to work for half-days beginning tomorrow. I am so very grateful for all the care and concern of so many friends and family members for helping this time go by so smoothly and so quickly.
You have all kept me well-fed and well-entertained. The meals have been delicious, the cards and phone calls have boosted my spirits. I have enjoyed lots of knitting, time on the internet and ravelry, and quite a few good bridge games. My nieces, Meccay, MaryGrace, and Joannie visited yesterday and brought me this colorful "get well banner". You make me feel very special.
Remember these hand-knit stockings from a previous post? My Aunt Cathy Hightower was kind enough to bring the "archives" of her stocking-making handiwork for me to look through and begin Christmas Stocking 101. I'm not sure I'm ready for this task, but I have a huge desire to learn. Hopefully, that will make me successful.
I have learned that she "wrote" this pattern after studying the Christmas stocking of a friend. (I can usually follow instructions, but I've not advanced to being able to construct the pattern and graphs required to do this.) Needless to say, I'm in great admiration of her ability. These stockings are a family heirloom and we have tremendous gratitude for her labor of love.
Here are some pictures of the patterns that I will try to follow.
Well, we're all tiring of seeing the Hemlock Ring Blanket. I have about 150 more stitches to bind off. As you can see it is still "puffy" and I can't wait to get it blocked. . . though I know it will be a huge task.
Wish me luck getting back to work tomorrow!

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Marianna Barbrey said...

Mrs. Pixie -

It looks like you are doing great on the Christmas stocking so far! The hemlock blanket is so close too - in fact you might have it all casted off by now! I can't wait to see you weekend after next!