Sunday, March 22, 2009

Busy Weekend

I was out of the office on Friday and devoted most of the day to working on the pillow covers for the blue bedroom. One done, and the other is close. I've only broken 3 sewing machine needles so far. No wonder I procrastinated on this project for so long!
I did some mending and button sewing. Finally got the buttons on the Baby Surprise Jacket. Not to bore you with one more picture, but here is a proper picture with the buttons. Yeah!
Philip and I took a little time-out in Charleston on Saturday and Sunday to celebrate our anniversary (number 31 - but who's counting?). We enjoyed the "camellia walk" at Middleton Gardens. The guide was very informative and the camellia "trees" were amazing. Some of these camellias were brought to the Middleton's from France and planted in the 1700's. There is also a "new garden" of camellias that was planted in the 1930's. It is like walking through a camellia forest. I had never visited there before. It was worth the trip. In about 2 weeks the azaleas will be in full bloom. I highly recommend a visit if you're a plant-lover.
The picture below shows one of the original four camellias brought from France and planted in the 1700's. The plant was damaged by Hurricane Hugo and has been reduced to about one-third the size it had been.
Below, Philip is standing next to the trunk of one of the very old camellia plants.
Alba Plena, a beautiful white specimen.
We also visited Hyam's Nursery on James Island. (They don't have a website.) This is also a wonderful place to visit (and buy plants) for those who get excited over springtime and planting.
We purchased a wire basket to repot our Staghorn Fern. He has outgrown his little orchid box. These ferns are so peculiar that I didn't quite know what to do with him, so I decided to try a larger basket with a liner. I planted him in a 50/50 mixture of spagnum moss and potting soil. Hope he likes his new home.
We are back home now and I intend to get the other pillow cover finished pronto!! I'm ready to put up the sewing machine for a while - I better get a few new needles, too!

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ashley seawell said...

The pillows look great!!! I can't wait to see them in person.