Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Noro Rocks!!!

Some of my favorite yarns are those made by Noro. This name is synonymous with beautiful hand-dyed fiber that is bursting with color. My most recent project with this yarn is the "Striped Noro Scarf" by Jared Flood. See post of 4/30/2007.
I'm using Noro Kureyon in colorways 233, 220, and 40. It is a simple 1x1 rib pattern with color change every 2 rows. It is coming along very quickly and should be done in time for a Christmas gift.
I was hugely inspired by seeing these on Yarn Harlot and Brooklyn Tweed. Working on this has been pretty addicting. It is hard to put down with those colors changing all the time.
The first project I undertook using Noro was a modification of Lady Eleanor Entrelac Stole by Kathleen Power Johnson. It is in the book Scarf Style. The most intriquing part of this project was learning how to do entrelac. It was a mindbender at first, but became much easier after a few repeats. This is one of my favorite scarves!
Ashley liked this scarf and I did a repeat in a different colorway.
Ashley took a few nice pictures of her scarf. You can see how interesting the color changes are! Last, but not least, is the Circle Vest by Elaine Eskesen. This pattern is in Silk Knits. I used Noro Silk Garden for this project in colorway 264. This pattern was really mesmerizing and a lot of fun to watch evolve.
Here is the vest being blocked.
I love working with colorful yarn. I hope this post will inspire someone to get some Noro and cast on one of these fun projects .

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ashley seawell said...

Mom you really need to update the blog with your beautiful Christmas decorations!