Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fleeting February

Well, here I am again after Christmas, New Year's, ski trips, baby fun, etc. It's hard to believe how busy life is and how rapidly the days are going by! I'm so thankful for all these great experiences and just the ho-hum every day stuff, too!

Maybe I can cover the lack of blog posts with some photos!

We had a wonderful few days together with Ashley, David, Annette, Lee, and Philip and Amanda over the Christmas weekend!  I was also on call . . . so I think everything went well, but ---alas, I didn't manage to take many pictures!  Here are Annette and Lee at their holiday visit with Santa. This is one of my favorite captured moments! They are just not sure what this is all about. Annette is checking out Santa and Lee is  taking his cues from Annette. How innocent and adorable!

Here's my Dad with Annette and Lee. We were having Christmas Eve celebration at Cathy's. I do remember what a nice time we had with our Nimmer family gathering. Here's a picture of three very special men in my life!

New Year's found us travelling to Atlanta for a disappointing bowl game for the Gamecocks. It was all Auburn - all the time. We did ring in the New Year and continue to anticipate that it will be one filled with joy for all our loved ones!

No need to remind everyone that January and early February have been uncommonly cold. The new growth on our plants and the camellias beginning to show their stuff has certainly put me in a better mood and I can't wait to get in the yard and plant some new herbs and annuals, and bring all the ferns back outside. Thanks to Philip, we have some beautiful camellias in the yard. Here is one of our favorites: Frank Houser is its name.

Speaking of cold, we had a wonderful trip to Colorado for a pediatrics continuing education conference. The change of scenery was welcome. Amanda and Philip, Jr. were able to travel with us which was an added bonus. Here are a few pictures from that journey!

Bonus Recipe

My favorite easy and quick CHICKEN PARMESAN !!!!

This is an adaptation of a recipe I found on I like to use chicken tenders instead of breasts.

Whisk 2 eggs and dip chicken pieces (about 8-10 chicken tenders) in egg wash, then coat with bread crumb mixture:  1-2 cups Italian bread crumbs mixed with about 1 cup fresh grated Parmesan cheese (out of the bag, NOT the can).

Heat 2-3 Tablespoons vegetable oil in skillet. Place coated chicken pieces in oil (medium heat) and saute until cooked through. 3-4 minutes on each side.

Spray an oblong pyrex dish with  PAM and place cooked chicken pieces in pyrex dish. Cover with 16-24 oz. of your favorite pasta sauce. I never know what kind to buy. (Usually whatever is on sale!) This was Bertolli's Fire Roasted Tomato with Cabernet. I have to admit it was very good!

Then bake at 375 degrees for about 20 minutes - covered with foil. Remove from oven and cover with shredded or sliced mozzarella cheese. Back to oven only long enough to melt the cheese.

Serve with a crunchy wedge salad and some toasty bread! Very simple and delicious, I promise!!  Enjoy!

OK . . . That's all I can handle for now! I'll update my knitting on the next post!


Fran S. said...

YAY!!! Worth the wait.....great pictures and can't wait to try the recipe.

Fran S. said...

Yay!!! Worth the wait.......what beautiful photographs.........also I can't wait to try the recipe.