Monday, September 6, 2010

Fall Smocking for Lee

Happy Labor Day!!

We enjoyed spending a little time with Ashley, David, and Annette and Lee in Aiken this weekend.
It is so hard to believe that the twins are almost a year old. They are changing so rapidly: both are crawling and "pulling up" on the furniture. They both like eating "real food" and feeding themselves. They are learning to use sippy cups, but still have a great fondness for their bottles.

Here they come!!!

Grandma had just a few minutes to work on a fall outfit for Lee. (Annette, yours is on the way!!)
The ready - to- smock outfit was purchased at Rosalina's. The tractor design is a rendition of  Country Time smocking plate by Creative Keepsakes. Here's the beginning . . .

And the end . . .

He'll be all ready for the Fall harvest. Can't wait to see him wearing it!!

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