Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fun November Weekend

This weekend Philip and I enjoyed an opportunity to babysit with Annette and Lee and give David and Ashley a chance to go to Carolina/Florida football game. We can definitely see these babies changing in just 2 weeks. They are on the verge of "smiling" and are much more alert and focused. They are two little sweethearts - - I had to make another video!!
Above is Grand-dad Philip holding Annette. Below is Lee after his bath.

Remember the Berroco Peruvia Quick?

Fun quick project: 4 skeins and size 11 needles. Simple ribbed pattern . . .

I used pattern for Baby Alpaca Grande Vest by Plymouth Yarn.

Now that I've had a quick, fun project it's time to focus on getting some things ready for the holidays. I had begun Christmas stockings for Annette and Lee quite some time ago. I thought I was nearly finished with the second one , only to learn that I had only worked about one inch down on stocking number two. I picked it back up, so I can get them finished in time to hang for Santa. The intarsia is going much better (and faster) this time. Practice does help with this. The name will eventually go in the white band - duplicate stitch. More to follow!!

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