Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lovin' Spring

I've been busy, busy with gardening, knitting, cooking, and trying to stay caught up with housework. I was grateful to have a few days off from the office last week. Philip and I planted some new plants in the yard. I am really enjoying the blooms on the magnolias and hydrangeas this month.
Work is progressing on the green baby blanket and baby socks (pair #2) is coming along for Beautiful Baby B.
Ashley and David were able to spend some time with us last weekend. We were able to enjoy a short boat ride on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.
It has been quite windy and cool with the "tropical depression" off the coast (for days and days!). The wind has been gusting for 2-3 days and rain is in the forecast through the weekend.
I actually had to turn on the heat for a few minutes last night . . . that is really strange for May! Here are a few more pictures to remind me that it really is spring!!
We planted some coneflowers, foxglove, Lily of the Nile, and two oakleaf hydrangeas. Will get some pictures soon as the wind calms down.

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